A walk on the Welsh side ..


Today’s Tilley adventure was in Wales, in the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside starting in the village of Llanvetherine…

We were in the area to say “happy new home” to Sam and Wayne, our daughter and her partner, who’d just moved into the area.


Sam and Wayne are new to this walking lark..but it can become addictive…

The last time we took a new walker out we did 5 miles and it nearly killed her…

Five months later she’d given up work and walked the pilgrims route from France, across the Pyrenees and into Spain..500 miles.!!!

You know who I’m talking about Julia ..!


Less than a mile into our mini adventure this is what we found…!
This caravan was the actual one used in the film “The Wind in the Willows” and it’s now an unusual holiday home available to rent out..


This is an absolutely beautiful area…


A little bit further on we found this….


This is White Castle….just a random castle at the top of the hill.!
Apparently, there are 3 of them in the area that can all be done as part of an 18 mile route..
We shall return….

From something very old to ….


Something just as old (possibly)…


At the end of every adventure…there’s a pub..!
For those of you uncertain about the Tilley hat, here’s Mrs Hill modelling it for you.
I think she was giving me some encouraging words at the time…


2 thoughts on “A walk on the Welsh side ..

  1. Hi Both, I love your blog and I love the fact that I was mentioned in it 🙂
    Yes, it’s true, walking adventures are a highly addictive virus… did Sam and Wayne get infected too?? 😉
    Enjoy the prep for your big adventure in August!!

    • Hi Julia,
      We’re hoping that Sam and Wayne do become addicted to walking just like you did!
      They’re certainly living in an absolutely beautiful part of the country with lots of walks on the doorstep including the Offas Dyke path going through their back garden!

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