The long and short of it …..


Today’s adventure was scheduled to be our longest walk yet – a 15.6 miler starting at the village of Knucklas near Knighton in Powys.

Not only was this a long walk, it also included a walk to the summit of Beacon Hill at 547m which meant that the estimated completion time was almost 7 hours.

With this in mind we decided to make an early start.
I prepared our delicious breakfast of poached egg on toast while Mrs Hill printed off the route for our walk and  assembled the necessary victuals for such a lengthy adventure.

She lovingly made chicken sandwiches on fresh, crusty bread.
Delicious and nutritious fruit cake was added to our portable picnic as well as fruit, fruity sweets and squash and tea to drink.
A veritable cornucopia of carbohydrates in fact, all assembled to see us through the long day ahead…

The journey to Knucklas was fairly uneventful except for our early stopover at Aldi to purchase a pair of solar chargers to power our GPS guidance system and my phone.
I was well aware that the anticipated time that our walk was going to take would leave both devices out of power.

How well prepared were we ???
Proper explorers eh …

The first inkling that today was not going to be totally straightforward was when we began our walk and realised that the instructions printed off, which should have consisted of 6 pages, only contained 5.
The missing page was THE MAP.!!!

Not to worry we thought, we have our GPS..

So, off we went with me carrying a rucksack laden with provisions…
The first couple of instructions were easy to follow as we made our way up the hillside waiting for the GPS to log on to the satellites…


This is the moment when Mrs Hill realised that our GPS wasn’t working…
It thought that we were still in Stourbridge…  😥


With no map and no working GPS we had no choice but to turn around and go back to Sheila…

We did take a slight detour to visit the remains of Knucklas castle where someone had thought it was a great idea to leave a carving of a giant thorn??

I did take the opportunity to sample one of Mrs Hill’s wonderful chicken sandwiches at this point..yum yum…

With sad faces we now walked slowly down the hill, through the village and got back in to Sheila.

Our planned 15.6 mile walk had turned into a 2 mile stroll..

Shortly after driving away Mrs Hill said “I’ll try disconnecting the battery on the GPS and reboot it – let’s see if that works” ….
After just a few short moments it powered up again and instantly displayed our exact location, tracking us as we drove towards Ludlow…

Oh how we laughed…..

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