A local walk for local people…

A few day’s ago I sent an email to someone in Manchester.
The mail included a current photograph of the bridle path where I broke my toe in April.
The person receiving my email said “what a beautiful part of the world you live in ” …and that set me thinking.
We normally drive for miles to get to our walks and..let’s be honest, if you want to go up a mountain, you’ve got to drive to get there but ..if you want to get some miles in, why not do it from your doorstep.


So, here’s our doorstep…

We crossed over the road from our house and after just a few yards we walked onto our local bridle path.
Within just a few minutes from our front door we were in the country..


After a mile or so we came onto woodland trails, well used by a local horse riding school..( owned by an old friend of ours that taught us to ride..thanks Helen ! )



Further on down the path we came to open ground..


Fleur in the flowers…

At the bottom of this field we came to Caunsall, on the canal and then, on to Wolverley…



As my colleague said, “what a beautiful part of the world you live in “….

Sometimes it takes a stranger to point something out to you that you should have known all along..

We walked back from Wolverley through Churchill and Blakedown, a total of around 16 miles without getting into Sheila at all…!

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