Call my Bluff…..

Well, the Coast to Coast is now only 3 weeks away and Mrs Hill had planned a wonderful 18 miler for us to do on Sunday 7th, the hottest day of the year so far…..
A slight issue for me was that I’d had a tiny distraction the previous day in the shape of the Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon. This was a jolly 13.1 mile jaunt down the canal on the hottest day of the year, all the way from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, Broad Street.
Now, to be honest, the last thing that I needed the following day was an 18 mile trek, so when Mrs Hill said “I think we’ll just do 10 miles today”, how could I refuse ?
So that’s how we ended up here…..


This is Hay Bluff…

Hay on Wye straddles the England/Wales border and is wonderful walking country.
As well as the beautiful Wye Valley, Offa’s Dyke path can be found on top of Hay Bluff running South onto the Black Mountains.
The path was built by old King Offa of Mercia ( H.Q. Tamworth ) to keep the primitive Celtic tribes out of sophisticated England….ahem…

On our way up the hill we saw a glorious sight..!


Celts trying to get into England….
Fortunately, border control were alert….

Once at the top we were treated to two more rare and wonderful views…


First, Mrs Hill’s legs…….


Second, Lord Hereford’s Knob…..

Having reached the top, we turned South towards the Black Mountains and had the most glorious views into rural Herefordshire…


Walking along the Cat’s Back……


Mrs Hill taking a well earned rest…..

As the ridge got narrower, it started to go downhill….


The Black Mountains in the distance….

As we got to the end of the ridge we turned left and headed north into the Monnow Valley, eventually arriving back to Sheila..


The Monnow Valley..

We got back to Hay and parked Sheila right opposite the pub..!
Cider and a bag of crisps in the garden…what could be better on a beautiful day ..?

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