It’s almost time…..

So, the Coast to Coast adventure is almost here….
Thursday’s going to be all about last minute shopping and packing – Mrs Hill seems to think that I need some extra socks but I’m not sure …I’ve already got a spare pair..
On Friday we drive up to Kirkby Stephen for our overnight stay at the Jolly Farmers Guest House.
We then say goodbye to Sheila for an early drive over to St Bees on the Irish Sea coast for the start of our big adventure.


The start of it all….

Yesterday evening, I took the opportunity to have a closer look at the information pack that Mrs Hill had so thoughtfully organised.
I paid particular attention to the maps…
They were quite enlightening…

Most of the walks that we’ve done over the years have been planned by either websites or walking magazines and always come with a set of instructions and a map, usually including photo’s of crucial points in the walk.
E.g. ” walk 500 metres to this gate in the photo and turn right”.
Almost all of our walks are on recognised paths or bridleways.
We’ve also recently backed up our printed instructions with a GPS device and a compass.!
Given all of these aids you’d think it would be quite hard to get lost wouldn’t you ?
Wrong, very wrong..!
We’ve got lost finding our way out of the car park…(come to think of it, we’ve actually got lost getting in to the car park..)

Having studied the maps for a few minutes the following became absolutely clear…

The maps provided are split up into sections matching our daily itinerary.
So, for instance Day 1 shows St Bees (A) on the left hand side of the page and Ennerdale Bridge ( B, the first overnight stop ) on the right.
How you get from A to B is entirely up to you .!
Given our difficulty with car parks the possible ways of getting lost are almost endless !
Mrs Hill suggested a sweep on when the first argument would happen but I don’t think there’s any point betting beyond the first morning….
I’m now more glad than ever that we did a little bit of shopping a couple of weeks ago..


Vital equipment for a happy holiday…


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