Captain’s blog day1.. our regular followers will know, we should have been at the Jolly Farmer in Kirkby Stephen last night but we ended up at the Black Swan in somewhere with a very long name around 5 miles from where we should have been….( deep breath )..
Now..the wonderful Black Swan didn’t do brekkie before 8 soo..we had to go back to the Jolly.
Now..the minor problem with that is  when you’re following someone ( as I was on the way to the BS ) you don’t actually look where you’re going.
So when it came to going back to the Jolly we didn’t quite know where we were going..!
This actually qualified as our first “lost” before we’d even got to the start..
That has to be some kind of a record ..!
Anyway, after what seemed like a tour of Cumbria, we got to the Jolly, had brekkie and drove to the nearby campsite to be collected for our trip to St Bees..

Bye bye Sheila…

We won’t see Sheila again for 2 weeks but..2 hour’s later we got to St Bees..


St Bees and the Wainwright walk ..

So, we went down to the beach and did all the traditional things..


Dipped our feet in the sea….


Picked up 2 pebbles to take to Robin Hood’s Bay…


Poked a jellyfish…

Once we’d done that our walk really started ..


Looking North…


Goodbye to the sea….

About 5 miles North of St Bees we turned East and Inland..


A bit of a surprise..

We were a little surprised to find these…just a bit unexpected here .!


A look to tomorrow…

As we walked East we gradually saw tomorrows challenge unveiled..
They’re looking big and tough..!


Dent’s Hill….
This is the Queen of Ireland on top of a sacred English hill.
Behind her to the right is Scotland. ( Dumfries and Galloway ) 80 degrees left is the Isle of Man and just beyond in the distance is Belfast..we could see them all ..!


A sign from God….
Shortly after, we came down Dent Hill.
We then walked along Nannycatchbeck Brook ( ok no she won’t!) where we saw this..these were to be our lodgings for the night at Ennerdale Bridge…
Let’s hope that the food’s better than the signwriting..!


A little later…

Medallions of pork in a mustard sauce and Sea Trout with prawns, both served with steamed vegetables and sauted potatoes with rosemary and garlic…all waged down with cider and a cheeky Chilean Sauvignon Blanc…..yum yum…


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