Climb every Mountain, ford every Stream…

Now, I know that you’re all desperate for news so I must apologise here and now.. We’re walking in a world without WiFi or mobile signal so it’s not been possible to update my blog.
I’ll keep writing and saving them as “drafts” and one day soon, they’ll all appear together..!
Anyway, todays adventure is all the way from Ennerdale to Rosthwaite.
This should have included some of the highest peaks on our trip, walking along a ridge from Red Pike to High Stile and then on to Haystacks..but more of that later….


Ennerdale Water …( in the rain )

We walked from the village of Ennerdale Bridge down to the shores of the lake in pouring rain.. 😦 
The lake itself is a silver slither of water about 2.5 miles long and around 0.5 miles wide running West to East.
The path on our map was marked to follow the Southern shore of the lake but …in October last year we’d done a complete circumnavigation of the lake and had found that the Southern route was awful.!
Much of the path was littered with boulders and exposed, twisted roots of ancient trees making it impossible to negotiate free from the risk of a twisted ankle ( or worse ).!
We decided to follow the Northern shore…


Mrs Hill dressed for a Lakeland summer walk…

We followed the shoreline for it’s entire lengh, passing a cloud covered Robin Hood’s Chair on the way… ( he got about didn’t he ! )


Robin Hood’s Chair…

Oh how we laughed at the folk taking the Southern Route..
Eventually, we left the lake behind and continued walking east alongside the River Liza..
Shortly after passing the Gillerthwaite Youth Hostel we had to make a big decision..turn left up the mountain to Red Pike or carry on  alongside Liza..
Unfortunately, the weather was still so bad that the mountain was covered in cloud so we took the decision to keep walking along the river..


The Riva Liza….

For those of our readers that have been on a trip to Austria that involved crossing a river…yes it did look like this..!
Shortly after this photo was taken the weather started to brighten up a little and we decided to leave the river behind and head up to the last great peak of the ridge, Haystacks..


Climbing the mountain ( Haystacks )..

This was a monster…there was as much mountaineering as walking..the wind was blowing a gale  and there were a lot of tantrums and tears ( Mrs Hill was non too happy either )..!
Just before the summit there was a fantastic view of Lake Buttermere with ….another lake…..beyond that..


Lake Buttermere…..

When we got to top there was a small mountain lake that was just perfect for a little light lunch – cheese and pickle sandwiches lovingly prepared by the masterchef at the Shepherd’s Arms in Ennerdale Bridge….yum yum


Lunch by the lake..

Descending now, we were heading towards the abandoned Slate Quarry, Dubs..there was just one more obstacle to cross, a ford..!


Fording the stream….

Now, I have to admit, this was a little bit scary…!
We crossed here and walked up to the Quarry, and then from there down to the Visitor Centre.


The Road to Rosthwaite…

By now the sun had come out and the legs had reappeared..!
We strode purposefully along the road and bridleways into Rosthwaite, admiring the scenery as we walked.


Almost there…..

After a total of around 18 miles, we finally came to our wonderful B&B for the evening, the Gillercombe.


Our bed ( and breakfast ) for the night..

The very first thing that our splendid host did was to tell me off for taking my boots off and leaving them in the porch!
She offered us a cup of tea but we declined, explaining that as it was 6:30 at night and we’d been walking for over 10 hours, what we really needed was the pub.!
She helpfully explained that it was “down the road about 5 minutes”…
Well , every exercise needs a warm down ..soo off we went to the Riverside Bar where we sat by..well the river actually and enjoyed our first meal of the holiday served with chips..!


The Riverside Terrace..


Our first chips of the week …

Served with cider and Draught Bud…the perfect end to a perfect day in The Lakes..


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