Day 3 in the Big Brother house…

Aka Rosthwaite to Grasmere..
We woke around 7a.m. to the sound of torrential rain.
This was the second night in a row that it had been hammering down and it was going to have a big influence on our day, as we would find out later..


The view from our window at 7a.m.

As we sat down to enjoy our breakfast our wonderful landlady Rachel informed us “the winds very light today so it won’t blow the clouds away, but it’s very mild so the rain’ll be warm”..well thanks for that we thought…

We ate our breakfast and quickly got ready for today’s adventure..
Setting off around 8:30 we left our lodgings and headed South East.
As we turned the first corner this is what greeted us…

The valley in the rain..

The first half of our walk was taking us alongside Stonethwaite Beck, up to it’s source atop Greenup Edge at a height of around 600m.
Now, I don’t know about you, but to me the word “Beck” is a variant of “brook”, which conjures up a gentle, babbling stream winding it’s way down the hillside ..
Wrong and wrong again..
The last two nights of heavy rain meant that the main Beck to the summit was in flood and possibly more importantly, all the dozens of minor streams feeding into it from the sides of the valley had turned into raging torrents..!
We had to cross them all on our way to the top…..


Stonethwaite Beck at the bottom of the valley..

“That’s a bit lively”, I hear you say.!
“Just hang on a minute”, I reply…

The first stream to cross…

This was the first of many streams that we crossed feeding into the main Beck…
They were all like this and very entertaining..!
Mrs Hill loved it and once your feet were wet it didn’t really matter..!

A sobering reminder…

The mountains are a great big playground but no-one should ever forget that there’s real danger too..perhaps that’s what we love ..?
R.I.P. young man..

Wild water…

The further up the valley we climbed the worse the path got.
Water had decided that the easiest way down the mountain was to use the path..!

Getting good at this now…

At one point where the path went up quite steeply we we actually climbing up a waterfall..!

Up the waterfall…

At long last we reached the top and had a well deserved rest…

Feeling on top of the world ( again )…!

The second half of today’s adventure was along the top of the ridge leading to Grasmere.
This was a simple trek of around 3 miles across sodden ground and featuring difficult, broken paths..

Typical path (yes, that’s a path )

We were soon in sight of Grasmere in the distance and turned downhill, off the ridge..

Grasmere’s over there, honest..

As we came down the ridge and walked towards the village we saw a wonderful site..punk sheep .!

Punks, or a bad day at the hairdressers..?

After a short half mile walk through the village following our 12 mile ordeal, all we needed was a trip to the pub and a beer.!

The Swan at Grasmere…

You can just see Mrs Hill on the corner, desperately waiting to go in..!


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