Day 4..the shortest day …

Day 4 was taking us from Grasmere to Patterdale. This was a mere 8 mile walk up to Grisedale Tarn and then down the valley the other side to Patterdale.
We enjoyed our breakfast with  host Christine at the West View B&B in Grasmere, particularly the home baked bread..yum!
Christine had told us to pack our sodden boots the previous night with scrunched up newspapers to help to dry them out.
I couldn’t see that it would work but we decided to give it a try.
I used a copy of The Telegraph and Mrs Hill ..?
TES of course ..
Guess what, it actually worked …!

Leaving around 9a.m. we set off, initially walking north for 1km up the Keswick Rd.


Heading North…

We soon turned  off the road and headed North East towards Seat Sandal.


Today’s first mountain..

We climbed steadily up the slope, starting at a height of around 100m at the road and rising to 539m at Grisedale Tarn.
Along the way we turned to look back at Grasmere and Helm’s Crag…


Looking back to Grasmere..

Soon we reached Grisedale Tarn where we had three options for our descent to Patterdale.


Which path to take..?

There were two possible high routes…
Left up the valley ridge to Dollywagon Pike and Helvellyn or right to the ridge on the other side of the valley to St.Sunday Crag.
Neither of these were options for today…

So we crossed Grisedale Beck to take the middle path down the valley…


Mrs Hill walking on water…

After yesterday’s water filled exertions we needed an easy day in preparation for tomorrow’s monster 16 mile walk to Shap so we took the middle path down the valley..!


Coming gently down the valley…

As we headed towards the bottom of the valley coming in to Patterdale the scenery became a little softer.



Approaching Patterdale…

There were meadows with cows and sheep grazing…and walkers without rucksacks just out for a stroll…

Soon we came to the village and our B&B for the night, the Old Water View.


Tonight’s home from home…

As our host Ian welcomed us to our room he proudly told us that Wainwright himself stayed in this very room regularly between 1938 and the 1990’s..!


The ghost of Wainwright…


2 thoughts on “Day 4..the shortest day …

  1. Well I know Mrs Hill is pale of colour, but I wouldn’t call her anyone’s ghost!
    Well done, you two, I am reading all of this goggle-eyed, or even boggle-eyed.
    Yesterday’s tale was particularly… heart-stopping.

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