Day 5 …Leaving The Lakes..

Today was the longest walk of our holiday (???)so far.. 16.5 miles from Patterdale to the most western lake, Haweswater, and then out of the Lake District to Shap.
We left our digs at Patterdale and turned left up the road..
Ian, our host at the Old Water View was in his garden and called out “where you going’s the other way”
I explained that I was taking photos of unusual road signs…
It’s at this point that I was going to post a photo of a warning triangle with a silhouette of a red squirrel and the legend “squirrel crossing”.. But…..I discovered that my phone had crashed, losing all my photos other than the final ones of Shap Abbey .!!!! πŸ˜₯
So, this post is more of a diary for me, covering our last day in the beautiful Lake District.
Today’s walk saw us leave Patterdale and climb steadily South East up to Angle Tarn at around 500m.
Turning to look back there were wonderful views of Ullswater behind us.
The weather was perfect this morning for walking with the sun occasionally breaking through the clouds making moving patterns on the hillsides around us.
We continued to climb steadily eventually reaching The Knott at 739m with Hayswater far below us to the south.
After a further 1k we reached the highest point of our entire walk, Kidsty Pike at 780m.
Kidsty gave us the most fantastic views to the East. There was the final lake of our walk, Haweswater, and beyond we could see the flatter land of the Eden Valley with the ridge of The Pennines running North to South beyond.
We descended now to the lake, stopping just before the shore for our picnic lunch in the sunshine.
Continuing down to the lake we turned north along the shoreline.
This part of of the walk went on for around 5k but it seemed like much more..! Sometimes the path went right down to the shoreline and then it would rise steeply up the hillside. The path was very broken in places and towards the end of this section, as forecast, it began to rain.
The rain was light at first as we began our final section of our walk towards Shap. The path was now fairly flat, across grassland.
It was a pleasure to feel the soft grass under our feet after miles of walking on sharp, broken stones..!
The rain was heavier now and we put our waterproofs on for the final push to Shap Abbey..

A view of the old ruin…

The final section of our walk took us on to the A6 where we turned South and walked all the way through Shap to the Kings Arms, our hostelry for the night..

Our evening meal was a hearty Glastonbury Lamb for Mrs Hill and a locally made Cumberland Sausage, egg and chips for me.
The food was good value but the entertainment was priceless….
We were sat next to a local family consisting of grandma, daughter and her teenage children.
The daughter got louder and louder as the evening wore on with a voice that sounded like a cross between Janice Battesby and a sheep…
The young girl was stylishly dressed in a black tracksuit highlighted with pink stripes complemented with wellies with a cow motif.
The mother regularly shouted unintelligible commands to her daughter to put certain records on the jukebox.
The time came for the last record of the night …
“Ugh,ugh ugh” bleated the mother.
“Agh,Agh??” replied the daughter…
“UGH,UGH UGH” screamed the mother, now attracting the attention of the whole pub…
“AHH,AHH,!!!” said the daughter..her little cow clad feet tapping excitedly in anticipation of the entertainment to come…
The whole pub was now silently listening and waiting for the mystery record that was to follow..
What could it be ..?
We all heard the sound of the 50 pence falling into the jukebox and then …..
Oh how we all sang into the night..!


One thought on “Day 5 …Leaving The Lakes..

  1. No worries about the photos, I’m sure you took lots of ‘mental pictures’ which will last as great memories for a loooong time. It all looks and sounds absolutely amazing! Please keep blogging πŸ™‚ Julia x

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