Day 6…Recovery, by G.Osborne..

After 5 days of jollifications we were now leaving the Lakes behind.
We left our overnight accommodation at Shap and headed for Kirkby Stephen.
This was described as a “recovery walk” after the last few days exertions…
That sounded inviting until I looked at the map in more detail.
It was over 20 miles long, covered 3 pages of our guide and could best be described as “undulating”..
Cyclists and runners will recognize that word….


Today’s walk..the early days….

Mrs Hill is seen here wearing this summer’s “must have” fashion accessory … gaiters…
We quickly reached the M6 and left Shap behind..



The sights of Shap..or is there a new Pope..?

Moving on now we soon reached Ravenworth Fell and the world famous Limestone Pavement..



Soon we met cows with very large horns…



Mrs Hill was very brave..I was right behind her…


The Eden Valley…

This was a beautiful place ..
We walked down to the bridge and crossed it..


Look out for the guards…

The weather had changed now as we climbed the Eastern side of the valley..
The Southern breeze had blown the clouds north and the sun was now beating down as we climbed to the top of the ridge.


As the shadows lengthened we walked down the other side of the ridge into Kirkby Stephen…
Just 22 miles and 10 hours after we’d set out…

Arriving at the Jolly Farmer B&B.


Mrs Hill arriving with our new friend, Sandy..

He’s originally from Dundee but moved to Oz in 1979..we’ve got an “anytime” invite to stay with him and his wife next time we’re in Australia..!

After 6 days and around 90 miles we’re starting to feel the effects.
Mrs Hill’s got a sore knee and hip
( book the replacements now ) and I’ve got a variety of foot problems, most of which are to do with my boots.
These were purchased in February this year from a clearance shop in Barmouth for £20. They’ve been fine until this week but the constant walking on stoney ground has really found them out.
Have you ever had a pair of normal shoes where the soles have worn so thin that you can feel a matchstick on the pavement when you tread on it?
That’s what my boots feel like.
After only a few yards yesterday I decided to go back to the Kings Arms at Shap and get my trainers.
Although they hadn’t got the ankle support of my boots I felt that the soles would provide better cushioning.
So I did the monster 20+ miler in my trainers, developing an interesting “bog jumping” technique en-route!
Unfortunately, I also developed the first blisters of the week as well….
These combined with my battered toes from all the descending in The Lakes and the normal issues with arthritis makes for a very pretty sight..!
Let’s see what today’s 14 miles in The Pennines will bring….


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