Day 7..Half way there…

Day 7 was a cheeky little 11 miler from Cumbria’s Kirkby Stephen up onto the moors, across the border into Yorkshire and on to Keld.
This would be the halfway point of our adventure.
The weather forecast was good as we got ready to leave the Jolly Farmer, but there was a problem…my boots..
I’d mentioned previously that when I was wearing my boots I could literally feel everything under my feet and a close inspection of the revealed the reason why..


A good place to carry a stone….

The soles of my boots had been destroyed by the stoney paths in The Lakes.
Although they were less than 6 months old they’d had it!
There were holes in the soles of both boots and my right heel had actually got a small rock embedded in it .!
No wonder my feet hurt..!
So, before we could actually start our walk we decided to visit the outdoor shop in Kirkby..


Eden Outdoors…

That’s Sandy’s wife, Gill coming out of the shop…
The owner was incredibly helpful and not only sorted me out with a pair of Meindl boots but also showed us how to tie our laces to prevent out feet from moving forward when walking downhill..priceless.!
At last today’s walk could begin…


Quite a way to go….

We left the town, turning over Ladthwaite Beck to be greeted by a sign telling us exactly how far we’d travelled, and more importantly how far we had to go.
We were heading up on to the Moors and everyone that we’d met said that it was really boggy.
So, gaiters were worn as we headed up to Nine Standards Rig.


Our photo, taken by a fellow walker..

As we reached the summit we saw an amazing sight..!



The Nine Standards……

There were scientists working here that I had a chat with…
They were investigating the site using non invasive methods such as ultrasound. Apparently there were written records of the Standards going back 800 year’s but they could be older…nobody knows. The archeologist explained that the area had been Welsh and Celtic up to 1000 year’s ago and that the location of the hill, with it’s views as far as Scotland and Newcastle could have given it huge significance for the Solstice…
I’d said to Mrs Hill on the climb to the top that I felt that the structures had Masonic significance…
There was an old bench at the bottom of the hill that was a memorial to a mason and Uter Pendragon and also further on, a beautifully crafted cairn that wasn’t just the usual random pile of rocks.
The Nine Standards themselves were beautifully and carefully constructed, obviously by craftsmen and some of the structures were shaped like beehives, a Masonic symbol.

Moving on now towards Keld, we walked across the Moors.
There were different paths used depending on the time of year, the idea being to reduce erosion to the delicate environment.
We were now on the “August to November” path heading towards Whitsundale Beck and the path down the valley to Keld.


Striding through the sogginess…

We soon reached the beck and headed down the valley, stopping off for our picnic on the way..



Whitsundale Beck…

Just before the bottom we reached the border with Yorkshire..the scientists at Nine Standards had told us that we’d need passports, but the border guards must have been on their break..!


Yorkshire, ba gum..

Now we came to the road, and a short walk along the B6270 to our lodgings for the night, Keld Lodge.
On the way we passed Cotterby Scar and Wain Wath Falls ( sounds like someone with a serious lisp ) where people were wild swimming in water the colour of tea..!


Cotterby Scar


Wain Wath Falls…( the source of Yorkshire Tea )…

After a few more minutes we arrived at Keld Lodge…


Tonight’s home from home…
( the menu looks good ..! )


The view through our dining room window…

The food was good!
We enjoyed a shared starter which was a “sampler” of everything on the first course menu..
There were small pots of prawns with a delicate sauce, smoked mackerel with black pudding, and several others… Delicious.!
For our main courses we both selected lamb’s liver ,our choice possibly influenced by our view from the window!
It was all washed down with a bottle of Merlot and was superb..


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