Day 9..Reeth to Richmond…just a bimble..

Day 9 in some ways was a slightly strange day…
It was a gentle 11 miler that could, and maybe should’ve been longer.
Tomorrow is a very long 22 miles and it might have been better to add some extra miles on today and make our next walk slightly shorter.??
Anyway, back to today’s walk..
We left our lovely B&B, Hackney House around 9:30 to begin our adventure..


Hackney House in Reeth..

After a few minutes walk we were faced with our first choice of the day..fork right to follow the river or go left up the ridge..?
As the majority seemed to be going right and I’ve taken enough river photos, we went left!




I just love that big Yorkshire sky.!

We soon came to the small village of Marske, about half way along our route.
As we turned the corner into the village we saw a tempting sign by a church advertising ice cream..”yummy”, we thought..



Marske church…

The ice cream was for sale in a small tea room opposite the church – we sat outside.
It was like being in the back garden of someone’s house…
In fact, we were in the back garden of……

Mrs Hill enjoying an ice cream and not wanting to share …

Moving on now, we crossed fields and headed towards Applegarth Scar..


The rocky outcrop of Applegarth Scar..

We walked east, just below the summit of the ridge, eventually passing through Whitecliffe Wood on our way to Richmond.


Richmond below us..

Now, I don’t know if we’re getting quicker at this walking business but…we could have got to Richmond by 1:30 so, we walked slowly, stopped for an ice cream and let lots of people pass us by and we still arrived around 2:30!
That’s why it might’ve been better to make today’s walk longer and tomorrow shorter.
But, it is what it is and we used today’s little bimble to discuss the Coast to Coast folk that we’ve met en route..
There’s Gill and Sandy of course from Australia, via Dundee..
There’s also the people whose names we don’t know, so we made them up..!
There’s the ‘Shirtmen’.
They are two men who wear long sleeved, button up shirts whatever the weather.
Then there’s our continental chums, ‘Heidi and Peter’.
They wear identical clothes even down to matching hats!
Then we’ve got ‘The Family’..a man, his wife, 3 daughters and the dog.
The girls range in age from around 8 to 14 and they all carry their own rucksacks.
One man with 4 women!
Even the dog’s a bitch..
Lord help him…
Then there’s the “6+2 gang’..
They’re 6 friends that all booked together and 2 more tagged on.
They practice competitive walking at its finest.
At one point the group split into two, taking alternative routes around Lake Ennerdale.
We just happened to be taking the North route around the shore and watched in amusement as they practically ran past us, walking poles flying, as they tried to beat their friends round the lake. !
Finally, there’s the ‘Pole Girls’, a mother and daughter team who’ve got poling down to a fine art as they swivel their hips across the ground..
The problem with poling people is that the clicking noise the poles make on stoney ground when they come up behind you, is about as annoying as being sat in the theatre in front of someone doing their knitting with very large needles.!

Ahh, the joys of people watching..!


The Market Square at Richmond…


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