Day 10..The Marathon (almost)…

Tell em Edwin…

Yes folks, the day has arrived..
As Edwin says, “25 miles to go and my feet are hurting mighty bad “…
Yes, I know I know…it’s 23 actually but that’s as close as I could get !
So, today was the longest walk of our entire adventure…
23 miles from Richmond to Ingleby Cross.


Our lodging in Richmond, Willance House..
We started the day by breakfasting as if we were running a Marathon..
A 3 course brekkie consisting of fresh fruit with yoghurt, followed by porridge and honey and finally, two poached eggs on brown toast.



Our lounge at the Willance…

Moving on from Richmond we walked outside into the rain..


Mmm …..wet ….

We’d been told by all the books we’d read that today was simply about getting there..
There was really nothing very interesting on the way, it was just another 23 miles added onto the total..
The books were right..!
At first, we walked through woodland on the edge of Richmond and then along the River Swale for the final time to Catterick.


Mrs Hill in full summer mode…


The River Swale at Catterick..

We’d followed this river for most of the last 3 days, all the way from it’s source at Nine Standard’s, when we could step over it with one stride !
We’d set ourselves a target..
This wasn’t a ‘bimble’, this was a route march…
The approximate half way point was a tiny hamlet called Streetlam.
Our guide had given a estimated time for today’s walk of 8.5 hours, excluding breaks..
We set off at 8:30 so that meant a target time of 12:45 to get to Streetlam, the half way point.
Our guide told us that Streetlam’s most memorable attraction was a phonebox..
At 12:47 we saw the box and stopped for lunch..


The picturesque village of Streetlam..

We had to make those 2 minutes up somehow ..!
Leaving Streetlam after lunch meant that we had to get to the end of our walk by 5:30..


We marched past happy sheep..


We looked at pubs ( without going in )…note the 60 miles to Robin Hood’s Bay..


We braved main railway lines..
And eventually arrived here, bang on 5:30…what a result!


The Elstavale, with Josephine and her 3 cats…


Our local for the night, The Bluebell..


Tonight’s red sky..should be good tomorrow..!


2 thoughts on “Day 10..The Marathon (almost)…

  1. Well done for completing the marathon walk! Hope you’re enjoying every moment of your adventure despite the aches and pains. Buen Camino for day 11! đŸ™‚

    • Thanks Julia…
      We’ve got about 50 miles to go now.
      Today’s a strenuous 12 miler, followed by 2 days of 19 miles each over the moors.
      Meindl boots are well worn in now .! X

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