Day 14…Homeward Bound….

Day 14 was spent idling the time away in Robin Hood’s Bay.
We’d spent the night at our B&B, The Villa and we had to wait until 3:30 for our Sherpa transport back to Kirkby Stephen and our faithful Sheila.


Our B&B….. The Villa…

On our arrival into RHB the day before we’d actually walked past The Villa but we decided not to check in right away, as our son and his family were waiting at The Bay Hotel at the bottom of the hill.
After a couple of beers and some fun with our grandchildren we decided to stay at The Bay and enjoy our evening meal overlooking the sea.
I phoned the landlady at The Villa to let her know where we are.
“That’s fine”, she said “thanks for letting me know”. By now it was around 6 p.m.
We enjoyed our meal and walked back up the hill, arriving at The Villa around 8.
As we walked into the hall we were greeted by the landlady, on the phone.
She put the phone down and proceeded, almost in tears, to reprimand us for being late and ruining her planned night out with friends…!
Sheepishly, we apologised, although heaven knows why, and went upstairs…..
Someone needs to consider their career, we thought..
The following morning we came down for breakfast and she was cheerfulness personified.
Breakfast over we went back upstairs to fetch our travel bags and left them in the hall ready for collection by the Sherpa van.
This had been the same routine every day with the only difference today being that we were on the van as well.!
As we left our landlady came to say goodbye and apologised for her outburst the previous evening.
Mrs Hill apologised too.
I’m not entirely certain what she apologised for but it’s a moment that I’ll treasure..!
As we turned to leave, our landlady noticed our luggage and asked why we’d left it…
This is a routine that happens every day of the week so why was she confused?!?
Perhaps she’s just having a bad time..
By now it was around 10a.m. and we’d got 5 hours to kill.
Even though we’d walked nearly 200 miles in the last 2 weeks our legs wanted more..
So, we went down to the sea front.

The pretty streets of Robin Hood’s Bay…

Then we walked back to the top of the hill, sat on a bench and people watched…

A man, his wife and a scooter…

The old part of RHB is a typical fishing village. The old houses are clustered round the seafront and the newer properties sit on the cliff top at the summit of a very steep winding road around 1k in length.
Our observation point was at the top of the hill and we sat and watched the comings and goings for well over an hour.
There were walkers, some at the beginning of their adventure, some like us, at the end.
There were families with children…some arguing and play fighting..some of the younger ones crying as they came up the hill.. but the best one of the day was the man pushing the electric mobility scooter up the hill.!

He’s hanging on to the railings…she’s in blue, walking up the steps..

We’d seen them earlier, at the bottom.. her on the scooter, him walking along beside.
We’d watched as the scooter’s power wouldn’t get it up the hill and she got off to walk.
That left him to push it (helped by others)…he looked like he was going to pass out..!
Now, you have to ask the question..if she’s capable of walking up that hill, wtf is she doing with a scooter..??
Amused, but also getting twitchy legs, we went down the hill again.
There was nowhere else to do people cope with a 2 week holiday in a small place.?

More streets of RHB..very pretty..

It was now sort of heading towards lunch time so….we came up the hill again..
There was a good bench available at the top so I took some more photos..
Big Yorkshire skys….

For lunch we had tea and scones, with jam and cream…yum yum..

Just in time our bus arrived and 2 hours later, after passing near many of the places we’d walked through, we were back with Sheila at Kirkby Stephen.
She started first time and we headed for the M6….on a Friday evening..
Incredibly, all was well until we were just north of Stafford. The overhead signs had warned us of a 15 minute delay, but they were wrong!
The motorway was at a standstill and we didn’t move for well over an hour.
Eventually the traffic was slowly diverted off the M6 onto the A34, where we drove through Stafford and eventually arrived home at around 10:30.
I pushed hard on our front door to open it, the post accumulated over the last 2 weeks piled on the floor inside our porch.
That could wait till tomorrow….

2 thoughts on “Day 14…Homeward Bound….

    • Thanks Julia…
      It was a wonderful experience but now, just like you we’re considering what to do next.
      You can’t do a walk like this and then not follow it up with something else ..! X

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