A little bit blowy…

Last night’s weather forecast warned of a severe storm coming from the South West… “experts” warned of danger and destruction..
“stay at home”, they warned, with grave voices.
Well, what could we do?
There was only one possible choice..head for the hills!
Not only was a big storm on the way, the clocks had gone back an hour, meaning that it got darker one hour earlier.
So, an early decision was made and we were soon packed, ready and off to Much Wenlock.
This is a walk that we’d previously done with Julia last year but, one of the wonderful things about walking is that the same route taken at different times of year can offer a completely different experience.
So, Much Wenlock it was ..!

A lovely little town..

We’d only walked a few yards up the High Street when the sky went black and the heavens opened..!

On went the waterproofs…


The fields were very wet …

But then the sun came out..!
What do the “experts” know..?

Several miles later we turned and headed along the ridge back towards Much Wenlock.
Looking to the West we saw several Hill’s in the distance.


Using an app on my phone (Show me Hill’s) I was able to identify all the Hill’s that we could see…
Caer Caradoc, The Lawleys, Hope Bowdler, Middletown Hill, Breidden Hill with Rodney’s Pillar atop and many more..
As I gave all the names to Mrs Hill, we suddenly both realised that we’d been up all of them..!


Finally, we came to a view of The Wrekin..and we’ve been up that as well..!

Back to Much Wenlock..

Well, if we’d followed the advice of the “experts”, we would have missed out on a lovely day..!

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