The Lawleys…


Sunday’s walk was just a little bit longer than last week – 8 miles.
I’m gradually testing my broken toe ready for the coast to coast adventure in August.
I had a little bit of discomfort around the 4 mile mark but it didn’t really get any worse.
I think it could be something I’m going to have to live with, along with the tight ankle ligaments, inflamed Achilles and arthritis in my feet!
Oh joy…..
Anyway, the walk itself began by leaving Sheila under the trees and then walking up the ridge of a hill called The Lawleys.
Unfortunately the light was very poor and the photos that I took from the top aren’t really good enough to post here ( or maybe I need to practice my photography! ).
It was so cold and windy at the top that I actually put my gloves on – a bit like a soft footballer !
At the end of the ridge we descended and turned right and looped back through some beautiful Shropshire country past a black and white Manor House and back towards the car.

On our way back I saw the first Swift of the summer…
The poor little b****r must have wondered if he’d flown to the right country it was so cold..!
We also saw a group of students out walking who possibly came from the Concord College that we saw last week at Acton Burnell.
It’s an independent school that takes a lot of overseas students, many from the Far East, who board at a cost of £28,000 per annum.
Damn those foreigners…coming over here spending their £28k ….. ( plus extras )….!